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Phone: (877) 217-8726  

Office: 3315 Ranch Road 620 S.  

Suite 122, Austin, TX 78738

About The Firm

Our Mission

PBL Wealth Management delivers actionable insight and practical wisdom to help clients navigate the complexities and responsibilities of evolving wealth. New families often come to us expressing a common concern: they feel their previous adviser was more interested in selling products or accumulating assets to charge fees than actually giving them wise advice.

We believe what people really need is sound guidance for today and ongoing counsel as life changes. They need an adviser who can bring together multiple areas of their complex financial lives and an experienced to team help them implement their plan & adapt in real time. They want confidence they are going to reach their goals. 

Our experience has shown that it is impossible to give meaning and context to the numbers side of a client's financial life without first understanding their deeply felt convictions, needs, core values and dreams for the future. Furthermore, in order to deliver ongoing advice, we have to be available to people in real time. 

We are a planning-driven organization grounded in integrity and committed to providing clients the multifaceted advice our clients desire. 

Our Clients

Employees With Equity Grants

Senior-level employees typically receive as many as four different types of compensation that make up their compensation package. We have unique expertise and technology to help these employees manage their equity-based compensation and accelerate their wealth accumulation. Whether you work for a publicly traded company or received stock or incentive grants prior to a future IPO, we can help you develop a plan to capitalize on your unique opportunity.

Exiting Business Owners

Business owners have unique challenges not easily understood by those who haven't done it themselves. You have spent your career creating value for your customers, securing an income for your employees and growing an asset for your family. We want to help you maximize the opportunities your business provides to create lasting wealth.

We can help you craft & implement strategies to capture more cash flow for your family and make a plan to ultimately turn the value of your business into a retirement income that you won't outlive. 

Families & Individuals

Increasing affluence comes with both new opportunities and new challenges. We work with families whose wealth was created through a range of circumstances including business exits, real estate, medical practice, IPO liquidity events and inheritance. 

The unifying factor is these families understand their growing affluence has introduced a level of complexity to their lives that is best handled with the help of professional financial managers.  

Our Process

It always starts with a plan. We typically meet with a new family 6 - 8 times in the first year of our engagement. We want to understand your circumstances, needs and goals as well as your values and concerns. We also want to get to know your family as you get to know us. This is accomplished through a process we call 360 Degree Discovery.

We build your plan in three parts: The Plan Foundation, The Investment Plan and The Advanced Plan.  

We'll work with you to implement the aspects of your plan we are equipped to handle internally while coordinating amongst your team of outside professionals for the other aspects. We serve as your family financial manager to make sure each of the advisers on the team are working in collaboration on your family's behalf and with your needs in focus.

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Our Team

Meet Adam Broughton, CFP® 

Adam Broughton is the founder, CEO and lead wealth manager of PBL Wealth Management. He is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. Adam has served business leaders and their families for over twelve years.  

Adam spent the early years of his career working within a large financial services firm and saw first hand the difference between what clients wanted and what the firm was actually delivering. He transitioned to the independent Registered Investment Adviser model in 2012. 

Adam believes in being a lifelong learner and is an avid reader. He is also a hiker, fisherman and snow skier. He is the author of multiple books including The Founder's Guide to Business Succession and a contributing author to So You Want To Be A Financial Planner (7th edition). He is also the author of the new mini-book Maximizing Your Compensation: An Executive's Guide to Accelerating Wealth.  

Adam and his wife, Amy live in Austin, TX with their three children and with their retired, grand champion dachshund, Miley.

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We deliver actionable insight and practical wisdom to help clients navigate the complexities and responsibilities of evolving wealth.





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New Mini Book Released in 2019 For Employees With Stock Compensation

We wrote this mini-book for those who want to:

  •  Discover the four types of compensation & why they need to be treated differently
  • Identify tax-saving opportunities
  • Create a plan to build wealth faster
  • Save time with our quick reference chart
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that lead to lost earnings and wealth.

For Business Owners Looking to Retire & Exit Their Business

Are you looking to exit your business? This book is a must-read for anyone who owns a business and wants to someday translate the value of their company into a retirement income for their family.

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We believe availability and responsiveness are the least you should expect from your adviser. Use the button below to send us an email and we'll respond within one business day.  

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We deliver a range of wealth management services and expertise through our unparalleled client experience. 

Investment Management & Advice  

If the market conditions of 2008 happened again, would you still be able to reach your goals? Talk to us about a risk-managed asset allocation & tax-efficient portfolio management. We also advise on new opportunities in real estate & private equity. 

Advanced Cash Flow & Financial Planning

How do you know if what you are doing today will produce the results you desire in the future? We bring professional expertise and technology tools together to build, model & test strategies. From simple concept illustrations to advanced tax and cash flow modeling, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a plan you can be confident in to achieve your goals.

Lifetime Income & Tax Planning

Do you ever feel like you are being penalized for being financially successful? Poor tax planning poses a serious threat to long term wealth accumulation. We help clients keep more of the income they generate and secure it so they can live their desired lifestyle for their entire lifetime. 

Stock Option & Equity Compensation Management

Incentive and performance-linked compensation can be one of the most valuable benefits your employer provides. We create strategies to manage and realize the value of your equity compensation. 

Social Security & RMD Planning

Knowing when to claim your benefits and start withdrawing from your tax-advantaged accounts is critical to maximizing your total wealth. We'll help you determine when to begin these critical sources of cash flow during retirement.

Real Time Advice

Managing wealth effectively means you have to make critical decisions frequently. You need the right answer to your questions quickly so you can make decisions with confidence. We make ourselves available to clients to consult in real time as they navigate the complexities of modern affluence.

Risk Management

Would your family or business face financial hardship if you were to pass away, face an extended sickness or get injured? We can help create a risk management strategy to keep you on track should the unexpected happen. 

Estate & Legacy Planning

Are you seeking to make the transition from simply being financially successful to becoming a person of significance? We can help you develop a plan to pass your core values to future generations and create a positive, lasting impact.

Business Exit Planning

You have spent years building your business into an asset that has value. What happens when it's time to make your exit? We can show you how to exit your business with precision, transition with grace and realize its value for your family. 

Take Your Wealth Management To The Next Level.

We believe availability and responsiveness are the least you should expect from your adviser. Use the button below to send us an email and we'll respond within one business day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there any hidden fees, minimums or products I have to buy?”

No. We are in the wise decision-making business not the financial product sales business. PBL Wealth Management is a privately owned, independent Registered Investment Advisor. We do not work for a large brokerage firm and we aren't beholden to someone else's agenda. Our sole focus is serving the ones who have trusted us with their wealth management and putting their interests first. 

“What if I already have a financial adviser?”

You're in good company. The majority of our clients already had a financial adviser relationship when they came to us. One of two things happened in each case: They either found that what we provided was so different from their existing adviser that we could collaborate or, more often, they came to see us because they felt they weren't getting what they needed from the existing adviser. We're happy to provide a complimentary second opinion on your current planning and handle the transition from your prior adviser on your behalf should you choose to engage our firm exclusively.

“How do you get paid?”

Because we are an independent firm, we are able to match our compensation structure with our clients' needs. We can provide our services under a fixed annual fee that is based on the complexity of the engagement, a tiered percentage fee schedule based on the investment assets we directly manage or an hourly fee in certain limited circumstances. In any case, our clients know exactly how much their wealth management costs up front. 

We do not receive commissions from investment products nor are we licensed to sell commission-based investment products. Our advisers are licensed in certain states to implement and oversee strategies that utilize life, disability and long term care insurance products. We handle this aspect of our clients' plan implementation when necessary. Properly licensed advisers receive a commission on the sale of insurance products. 

“How often will we meet?”

A key value we provide to clients is our availability. We understand you often need answers quickly so you can make confident decisions. We strive to be available for on demand advice for current clients or otherwise be able to provide a same-day response to requests. With regard to developing your formal wealth management plan, we typically meet with a new client or family 6 - 8 times in the first year. There is more data gathering and discussion time at the outset of an engagement which means you'll be seeing your adviser more frequently. Once your wealth management plan is in place, we will agree on a regular review schedule that meets your expectations for making progress on your plan.

“What is a fiduciary, why does it matter and is that what you are?”

Being a fiduciary is the highest standard of care that an adviser can be held to. We act as a fiduciary for each of our financial planning and wealth management clients. 

There are different standards of care a financial adviser can operate under and this can drastically affect the quality of advice a client receives. Being a fiduciary in the financial services industry means the adviser has a legal obligation to act solely in the client's best interest AND disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest the adviser has when making recommendations.

The Last Question:

How Do I Get Started?

Updates & Insights

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PBL Wealth Management releases new mini-book for employees with stock options & incentives.

We recently released a new mini-book designed to help employees understand their compensation package and capitalize on the opportunity. Click the link to find out more. 

Who is right about the future: CEOs or Retirees?

I recently read two articles which painted different viewpoints of the future. One was from the viewpoint of current retirees while the other looked at the economy from the viewpoint of CEOs of small to midsize companies in the United States. Who do you think had a more accurate picture of the future? 

Get The Founder's Guide to Business Succession

Get your copy of Adam Broughton's 2015 book for business owners. This book was written to be the starting place for those considering selling their business in the short term or who may sell their business in the future. It is a no-jargon, laymen's guide to the exit planning process. 

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Redefining Wealth Management 

Today's global economy has local implications. Your wealth management team needs to be equipped to help you address the dynamic pace of life. The old model of retail mutual funds, "cookie cutter" portfolios and a phone call once a year is no longer acceptable. 

The new equation in wealth management combines three disciplines coordinated to deliver an exceptional client experience. 

AFP: Advanced Financial Planning & Strategy Implementation.  

This is where we apply our technical expertise as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals on your behalf to help you reach your goals. We bring a suite of technology to help you manage your financial life and track your progress toward your goals as each piece of your plan is implemented. We also develop a written plan to explain and model the various strategies we will recommend for you. In addition, we review and revise your plan regularly as life happens and your circumstances change.  

IA: Investment Advice  

We help keep your investments in line with your risk tolerance, income needs and accumulation goals. We can design and oversee the implementation of an institutional quality investment portfolio tailored to your unique profile and needs. We're also able to advise you on your cash holdings, stock, bond & mutual fund portfolios, your real estate, a closely held business, incentive stock options and other incentive compensation instruments. Each of these tools plays an important role in achieving your goals and we're here to provide the counsel you need to make wise decisions with them. We also provide a platform to monitor and track your account performance whether the assets are managed by our team or someone else.

PRM: Professional Relationship Management.  

We help clients identify & engage qualified professionals to assist with the implementation of their legal, tax, accounting, lending and other advanced planning strategies. While there's victory in having many counselors, failure to properly manage them can lead to defeat. We act as our client's advocate amongst each of the professionals on their team and help ensure they are working in unison toward the planning objectives.

Make Sure Your Plan Measures Up

We provide a complimentary second opinion on your existing wealth management plan and portfolio. We will spend 60 minutes having a discussion to understand your needs & goals, evaluate your current holdings and strategies against your goals and deliver our findings in writing. There's no obligation beyond that. Find out how your current plan measures up to the new equation in wealth management. 

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